Diversity, Inclusion, and Global Committee at the YMCA of Reading and Berks County

The Y around the World!

The Diversity, Inclusion and Global (DIG) Committee works to increase awareness of different cultures, educate our community and staff, and forge lasting friendships over mutual appreciation of the YMCA. Since the 1960’s, our Y has fostered partnerships with Germany, Kenya, Russia, and England in collaborative efforts to offer services and assistance to individuals in need as well as build robust exchange programs for youth and staff. Currently, we maintain partnerships with YMCA’s in Hannover, Germany and Ivanovo, Russia.

Please contact Kris Danner at kdanner@ymcarbc.org or (610) 378-4717 for information on international programs.
DIG Committee

Deb Zvanut

Sam Dalal

Wendy Fox

Delite Hawk

Howard Quaintance

Carl Sabold

Anne Weiser

Charlie Weiser

Chris Wullert

Y Staff

Kim Johnson

Kris Danner

Michele Reinert

International Partners

Wolfram Springer, Board Member, Germany

Wolfgang Funke, Hannover YMCA General Secretary

Alexei Kostyakov, Russia YMCA General Secretary

Anastasia Tsvgankova, Program Coordinator, YMCA Ivanovo

Learn more about our international partners!

CVJM Ivanovo

153010 Ivanovo


Ivanovo, Russia


Hannover e.V.

Limburgstrasse 3

D-30159 Hannover Germany